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past events:
*rainbowbrite and the kandiekids 2009

*electric boom
*hardcore is a girls best friend
*earthdance 2009

*rainbowbrite and the kandiekids 2

*final fantasy
*Mary Xmas(tag set with Rize)

rainbowbrite music festival 2011
*Old Navy pre-party april 29th 4:30pm-8pm
*Old Navy Grand Opening(peoria) April 30th 9am-4pm
*get peeped again- april 30th
yoshi's island 3-june 17th
you had me at hardcore- july 8
its a hardcore life -july 23rd
"Sparky Party" Old Navy @Tempe MarketPlace-Aug 14th 9:30pm-11:30pm
BlackJack-Aug 19th
Lingerieve 5 Aug  20th

DuLectrous- Aug 26th
Hey You!-Aug 27th
Shooting Starts, Bright Lights, and Booming Bass-Sept 4th(didnt make it, car got stuck in the wash and lost in the desert :( )
Dead until Dawn-Sept 24th
stupid ass pokemon party- Sept 30th
Kandieland- Nov 11th
Hackers-Dec 10th
Mary Xmas-Dec 23rd
Twisted Sideshow- Jan 6th 2012
Lets Get Facebassed! Jan 7th 2012
Happy Hard-on - Jan 20th 2012
Kandi Killstreak - Feb 11th 2012
Kindergarten Rave-back in session Feb. 25 2012
Bubble Bobble Pre-Party- March 30th 2012
Bubble Bobble 4-March 31st 2012
Sakura Con(Seattle) April 6th 2012
Sugar Rush(NYC)-  April 28th 2012
Neon Lights Paradise- May 4th 2012
Phoenix Comic Con- May 24th,25th & 26th 2012
Imagination Land: Dead Rising- June 2nd 2012
FuzzyBread Presents Sideshow 2 (LA)-June 8th
Yoshi's Island 4- June 22nd 2012
Atomic Lolipop(Toronto) July 14th 2012
Orion(LA)-July 27th 2012
Hotter than Hell- August 18th 2012
Elements of Sound(LA)-Aug 24th 2012
Lingerieve 6-Aug 25th 2012
Saboten Con-Sept 2nd 2012
Pounding of the Beats-(NY)Sept 8th 2012
Just the Beginning 9- Sept 15th 2012
Geeked up 2.5 Sept 21st 2012
This is halloween -Oct 26th 2012
Zankarand! Nov 17th 2012
November Weather-November 30th 2012(LA)
EDM 101-back to basics(LA)-Jan 5th 2013
Little Desert Penguins- March 1st 2013
No Fucks Were Given -March 2nd 2013
Bubble Bobble 5-March 23rd 2013
Sakura Con 2013-March 29th-31st 2013 Seattle!
Its a Hardcore Life -April 13th 2013
Hardcore Domination(LA)-May 11th
HTID in the Sun(spain)
Saboten Con- August 31-Sept 1st
Dance with the Devil 2-Reincarnation- Sept 7th
Just the Beginning 10- Sept 13-15th
Ma Kandi Kids Presents: Battlestar Equestria(MA)
Austins Memorial Rave
AZ FUR CON-October 11-13th 2013
Haunt!- October 19th 2013(LA)
Kandieland 8- Nov 9th 2013
Hardcore Trails- Nov 23rd
So Stoked-Dec 20th
Hard Holiday- Dec 21st
Droppin the ballz- Dec 31st
PowerSurge Rebooted
Love Is All You Need
Rave 2 Save 2
Happiest Birthday Ever
Hardkore Vibes 4
Sakura Con Seattle
Neon Lights Paradise 3
Shark attack

then....i got in a car accident and broke my spine so i had to cancel the following shows....
Plurnt UP
Hard Candy
Liberation (tucson)
Operation Desert Bass
Bass Bass Boom
Raves of our Lives
Miss Ladybees 18th Birthday
Happiest Place On Earth
In The Mix 4
Rave Long and Prosper (NY)

BUT GOOD NEWS! I didn't die, healed and still actively play! however, I forgot about updating this events page after hopefully you have been following me on FB and SC! (links on the front page)