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Sakura Con (seattle)- April 18-20th 2014

Neon Lights Paradise 3 - May 2nd 2014

Shark Attack-May 3rd 2014

Plurnt up!-May23rd(Rize vs Mako vs Sparrow vs Maromi)

Hard Candy ft S3rl & Technikore-May 24th 2014

Liberation 2014-May 31st 2014

Operation Desert Bass-June 14th

Bass...Bass...Boom!-July 11th 2014

Saboten Con- Aug 29th- Sept 1st 2014

Raves of Our Lives- Sept 6th 2014

Miss Ladybee's 18th Birthday- Oct 3rd 2014

Happiest Place on Earth -Oct 4th

In The Mix 4-Oct 10th 2014

Rave Long and Prosper-November 14th 2014 (NY)

past events:
*rainbowbrite and the kandiekids 2009

*electric boom
*hardcore is a girls best friend
*earthdance 2009

*rainbowbrite and the kandiekids 2

*final fantasy
*Mary Xmas(tag set with Rize)

rainbowbrite music festival 2011
*Old Navy pre-party april 29th 4:30pm-8pm
*Old Navy Grand Opening(peoria) April 30th 9am-4pm
*get peeped again- april 30th
yoshi's island 3-june 17th
you had me at hardcore- july 8
its a hardcore life -july 23rd
"Sparky Party" Old Navy @Tempe MarketPlace-Aug 14th 9:30pm-11:30pm
BlackJack-Aug 19th
Lingerieve 5 Aug  20th

DuLectrous- Aug 26th
Hey You!-Aug 27th
Shooting Starts, Bright Lights, and Booming Bass-Sept 4th(didnt make it, car got stuck in the wash and lost in the desert :( )
Dead until Dawn-Sept 24th
stupid ass pokemon party- Sept 30th
Kandieland- Nov 11th
Hackers-Dec 10th
Mary Xmas-Dec 23rd
Twisted Sideshow- Jan 6th 2012
Lets Get Facebassed! Jan 7th 2012
Happy Hard-on - Jan 20th 2012
Kandi Killstreak - Feb 11th 2012
Kindergarten Rave-back in session Feb. 25 2012
Bubble Bobble Pre-Party- March 30th 2012
Bubble Bobble 4-March 31st 2012
Sakura Con(Seattle) April 6th 2012
Sugar Rush(NYC)-  April 28th 2012
Neon Lights Paradise- May 4th 2012
Phoenix Comic Con- May 24th,25th & 26th 2012
Imagination Land: Dead Rising- June 2nd 2012
FuzzyBread Presents Sideshow 2 (LA)-June 8th
Yoshi's Island 4- June 22nd 2012
Atomic Lolipop(Toronto) July 14th 2012
Orion(LA)-July 27th 2012
Hotter than Hell- August 18th 2012
Elements of Sound(LA)-Aug 24th 2012
Lingerieve 6-Aug 25th 2012
Saboten Con-Sept 2nd 2012
Pounding of the Beats-(NY)Sept 8th 2012
Just the Beginning 9- Sept 15th 2012
Geeked up 2.5 Sept 21st 2012
This is halloween -Oct 26th 2012
Zankarand! Nov 17th 2012
November Weather-November 30th 2012(LA)
EDM 101-back to basics(LA)-Jan 5th 2013
Little Desert Penguins- March 1st 2013
No Fucks Were Given -March 2nd 2013
Bubble Bobble 5-March 23rd 2013
Sakura Con 2013-March 29th-31st 2013 Seattle!
Its a Hardcore Life -April 13th 2013
Hardcore Domination(LA)-May 11th
HTID in the Sun(spain)
Saboten Con- August 31-Sept 1st
Dance with the Devil 2-Reincarnation- Sept 7th
Just the Beginning 10- Sept 13-15th
Ma Kandi Kids Presents: Battlestar Equestria(MA)
Austins Memorial Rave
AZ FUR CON-October 11-13th 2013
Haunt!- October 19th 2013(LA)
Kandieland 8- Nov 9th 2013
Hardcore Trails- Nov 23rd
So Stoked-Dec 20th
Hard Holiday- Dec 21st
Droppin the ballz- Dec 31st
PowerSurge Rebooted
Love Is All You Need
Rave 2 Save 2
Happiest Birthday Ever
Hardkore Vibes 4